Wednesday, June 3, 2015

saslib: a simple Python tool to lookup SAS metadata

saslib is an HTML report generator to lookup the metadata (or the head information) like PROC CONTENTS in SAS.
  • It reads the sas7bdat files directly and quickly, and does not need SAS installed.
  • Emulate PROC CONTENTS by jQuery and DataTables.
  • Extract the meta data from all SAS7bdat files under the specified directory.
  • Support IE(>=10), firefox, chrome and any other modern browser.


pip install saslib
saslib requires sas7bdat and jinjia2.


The module is very simple to use. For example, the SAS data sets under the SASHELP library could be viewed —
from saslib import PROCcontents

sasdata = PROCcontents('c:/Program Files/SASHome/SASFoundation/9.3/core/sashelp')

The resulting HTML file from the codes above will be like here.

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