Sunday, February 9, 2014

Sortable tables in SAS

This is an update of my previous post Make all SAS tables sortable in the output HTML
Previously I manually added the sortable plugin to the SAS output. With the PREHTML statement of PROC TEMPLATE, the sortable HTML template now can be automately saved for the future use.
/* 0 -- Create the sortable HTML template */
proc template;
    define style sortable;
    style body from body /
            <script src=""></script>
            <script src=""></script>
            $(document).ready(function( ) {    
            $(".table").tablesorter({widgets: ["zebra"]});

/* 1 -- Make all the tables sortable */
ods html file = 'tmp.html' style = sortable;
proc reg data=sashelp.class;
    model weight = height age;
proc print data=sashelp.class;
While we explore the data or we like to change the order of SAS’s output tables, we only need to click the table heads, which is quite convenient.

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